The One Room Challenge Week 3

Last week I mentioned I'd be bringing in some color in my living dining space with some pillows, art and accessories. With so many options, I was indecisive on what exactly that would be, but ultimately I settled on using the Indian Arbre Hyacinth pillow as the color jumping off point and pulling out the blues and purples:

Arianna Belle One Room Challenge Week 3 design scheme

Once I chose that main pillow, I played around with different coordinating options. I landed on the Marine Blue Velvet, Java Java Navy and a light purple velvet. I also gave my sister Patty of Parima Studio, a swatch of the Indian Arbre Hyacinth fabric and she worked her magic to create a custom painting.  What you see in the photo above is a sample print. We may make a few final modifications, then will get it blown up to a 24x30 piece that will go in the dining space, between the window and the front door.

Aside from that, I checked a few other things off my design to-do list. I selected and ordered the dining table, which should hopefully arrive later this week. I went to Lowe's with my husband to buy what we (ok he) needed to hide the TV wires. I started putting the art that arrived earlier, up on the gallery wall.

Gallery Wall close-up // Arianna Belle One Room Challenge Week 3

L: Lula by Parima Studio, R: Arc de Triomphe Paris by Phrosne Ras 

Last but not least, I unpacked these beauties which are going in the dining space and will be adding some much needed light:

Bassett Mirror Company lamps // Arianna Belle One Room Challenge Week 3

They're called Hollywood Glam.  I love their classic double gourd shape (my favorite for lamps) and that lucite bottom! They're also a nice size, so they'll help fill out the space nicely. I can't wait to add mirrors to the wall behind them!

There's still much left to do in 3 short weeks. It's going by so fast! More of the things I've ordered should start arriving (or be ready for me to pick up) so hopefully I'll have more photos for you next week. I also need to do an Ikea run (for frames, etc.), paint and fix my flea market entry tables (photo here), work on my Expedit makeover (fingers crossed it will look as I imagine it in my head), among other things.  Stay tuned!

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