Living Room Progress

I'm back from my Santa Barbara mini getaway with my husband (see photos of the trip here). We've both been working a lot so it was definitely a fun, relaxing, much needed break.

As promised, I wanted to share with you all my living room progress.  Since the last update here's what I've done:

+Separated the two tables we were using as a coffee table and designated them as side tables

+Moved the chair ottoman to the middle of the room and added a tray so we could use it as a coffee table

+Added pillows to the sofa. I went with two blue velvet, two aga reverse black*, and a petite zig zag french blue lumbar*.

+ Hung the beautiful paintings I had commissioned from Parima Studio

+Purchased a media console. We went with this one from Ikea which was inexpensive (a necessity since this is a short term home) and just the right size. We've customized it by painting the back in a similar color blue as the velvet pillows. We bought doors for it, however not sure if we'll use them or not.  Still deciding... Might just add two bottom drawers to hide the X-Box controls and gadgets and keep the rest as open storage.

+Added an accent table with a scalloped top next to the chair.  It's black and I like how it looks but I'm kinda tempted to paint it another color.  Undecided still.

+Bought three square frames to hang on the wall in a vertical column to the left of the paintings. They're silver but I plan on spray painting them gold to match the mirror above the fireplace.

Overall, here's what the room is currently looking like:

What's up next:

+paint the three frames and hang them

+ add drawers to the media console and style the shelves

+ get another side table lamp

+buy and install cover for tv cords & wires

+find a stylish storage basket or bin for Little Foot's toys

Hopefully these last few things don't take me too long! Stay tuned for more updates!

*I don't have these pillows available in the shop website yet. If you're interested, email for a quote.