Organized Baking Cabinet

Hope you all had a very merry Christmas yesterday!

My hubby and I spent a few days before the holiday, baking goodies to give to family and friends. We don't bake all that much and our kitchen storage is very limited so we keep all our baking specific ingredients and supplies separate from items we use more often, in harder to reach upper cabinet shelves, and pull them out as needed a few times a year.  Someday when we have a bigger house, and make the time to bake more often, I'd love to have a whole cabinet dedicated to baking items, beautifully organized like this:

Such a perfect little station! Everything has a spot within the cabinet to make time in the kitchen efficient and enjoyable. Like items are placed together: spices, extracts and flavorings on the bottom; baking powder, baking soda and salt in the middle; and pastry bags and tips up top. White hooks on the inside of the cabinet doors, holding mixer attachments and measuring spoons, take advantage of a frequently untapped storage area.  Risers placed in the back of the the cabinet give shelves multiple levels and make things easily visible. Clear glass jars, canisters and bottles, not only makes it easy to take stock, but also creates a neat and uniformed look, free of visual clutter. Love the labels too! The ones used here are from Paper Source.

Do you like to bake often? Do you have a spot in your kitchen where you keep all your baking items?

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