How Lauren Organizes Her Necklaces

Today I'm excited to share a new guest series which will feature a peek at how others organize their belongings and various little spaces in their homes!
Kicking off the series is the lovely Lauren of the food blog A Full Measure of Happiness. She gives us a look at how she beautifully organizes her necklaces:
laurenzietsmann-necklacesI had that terrible situation where you have too many necklaces in a box, and they start to become one giant knot of beads and string that threatens to  break every time you have to detangle it. So I thought of a magical idea involving a towel rod and shower curtain rings. Not only does it keep my necklaces organized and safe, but they area all on display so I never forget about anything that I have and can easily choose the best look for any outfit just by giving the bar a quick glance. I use it every day and I know my Mom had my Dad set one up for her too.