5 Things That Made a Difference to Piper

Today I'm happy to feature Piper of One Sydney Road, in the series 5 Things That Made a Difference. Piper is an entrepreneur who, late last year, opened a beautiful homewares and lifestyle goods online shop. I first discovered Piper's blog through Makeunder My Life. She was featured as the Dream Reporter, where she shared her weekly updates of her entrepreneurial journey. I found her posts to be so relatable and inspiring and it's been incredible to see how she's made her dreams a reality. Read on to find out what five things have positively influenced her life:

1. My hubby He’s by far my #1!!He’s my biggest cheerleader and a true optimist - he's the glass half-full to my sometimes glass half-empty thinking! He provides such unwavering support for all my dreams (even the far-fetched ones!) and is always there to make me laugh.

2. Dancing This has been a huge inspiration for me.It has influenced my life in so many ways and been a part of my life for so long, it’s hard to write it all down! I’ve been dancing since I was little…my dream growing up was to dance professionally, even star on Broadway (too bad I can’t sing in tune!!)I've been lucky enough to coach and teach some great dance teams and dance students which gave me the opportunity to stretch myself, gain confidence in being creative and work with people who have given me loads of inspiration!Teaching & choreographing also made me realize that there’s more than one way of achieving your dream!Think outside the box – there are always ways to do what you love!

3. My mom No matter what, she was always there encouraging me and saying I could do anything I wanted to do.She was a single mom with no college degree but she never let that stop her! She always amazed me with what she was able to accomplish and showed me that persistence & hard work can pay off! Sadly, I lost her to cancer a few years back and not a day goes by that I don't miss talking to her. But, I can still hear her telling me "you can do anything!!"

4. Blogging I can’t believe how much blogging has changed my life in such a short time.Not only has it provided me with a creative outlet, but I’m even more AMAZED by the wonderful people I’ve met through blogging.They are the most inspiring, supportive, creative people and all these friends/mentors/readers really gave me the support that I needed to start my own biz!I could honestly spend all day scrolling through blogs and just getting inspired by all the creativity out there!

5. Starting my own store / Visiting Australia These kind of go hand in hand for me.Visiting Australia was such a life changing experience – traveling to another country opened up my eyes and got the creative juices flowing!So it’s no surprise that this trip was also when I decided 100% to take the leap and finally do what I had spent years dreaming of – opening my own boutique.Starting my business has been exciting, terrifying, challenging, inspiring and the best thing I could have ever done!