5 Things That Made a Difference to Nancy

This week's blogger participating in the series "5 Things That Made a Difference" is Nancy of Marcus Design. Nancy is a super talented artist, aspiring decorator (check out the great before and after's she's already acheived in her own home, including this genius ikea turned dorothy draper style dresser!), and one of the sweetest design bloggers out there in blogland! Read on to find out what five things have positively influenced her life:



1. First and foremost, I gain so much inspiration from my family! My mom and dad came from Egypt to Canada with a few dollars in their pockets, seeking a life with more opportunity for their future children. They got married when they first arrived here, and my mom immediately spent nearly half of her savings on a wedding dress ... now THAT is inspiring! She has always been confident and hardworking in order to get what she wanted! They bravely built amazing careers (with English as their second language!) and my brother and I have been so blessed by their sacrifices. Watching them work so hard has motivated me to follow my dreams and believe I can do what ever it is I set out to do.
2. My church and my relationship with God has penetrated every part of my life. It has helped me to quit bad habits, start good habits, and have a firm foundation in who I am as a person. I think my mind set has changed as a result of this, I want to go out of my way to help and love others around me, to forgive, and to strive to be the best person I can be.
3. My high-school art teacher was such an encouragement to me, and he really influenced me to keep art an important part of my life even though my university studies took me away from it. Along with all the technical methods he taught me, he also taught me to be confident in my work and in creating something beautiful. I still paint any chance I get to pick up a brush, and it is such a valuable hobby that I really plan on making a larger part of my life in the near future.
4. So many aspects of the blog-world have significantly influenced me in the short time I have been blogging. To see all of these young, motivated, business-minded, creative people doing what they truly love is amazing. Ever day I learn something new and take something away from my blog-travels. It's incredible! I feel like the mentors/friends I have made have helped me to be confident in following my dream to start my own art/decor-related business, which is a desire I have had for so long. 


5. A book I read years and years ago, called 'Cancer Schmancer,' by Fran Drescher {yes ... The Nanny named Fran!} has always stayed with me. This book largely focused on her successful battle with cancer, but it was so much more than that. Fran is such a strong woman and throughout the humor-filled memoir she conquers so much adversity in her life and comes out on top. She taught me that you can laugh at the crazy things life offers, and focus on what's really important, even when the going gets tough. She really had the attitude of, 'Whatever life throws you, you can get through it!' What a positive influence to women in all walks of life!