Ideas for Organizing Your Shoes

As I was oohhing and ahhing my way through the flickr album of the incredibly gorgeous home of fellow blogger Sam Reitmayer Sano, I spotted a few noteworthy ideas for organizing shoes:

A shoe tree makes use of vertical space and since most models rotate, it allows for easy access.


Use the gaps of a wooden crate to hang your heeled shoes. A unique idea for those who like to display their shoes and have something unexpected in their space.


Under-shelf wire baskets are usually seen in kitchens, but they're great in closets too. They maximize space and are pretty versatile. Tip: If you shop for one of these baskets, whether online or in-store, make certain it's tall enough to fit the type of shoe you want it to hold. Measure first, then shop!

*To see the rest of her swoon-worthy home click here.