Decluttering for Better Health

I consider anything that doesn't serve me and helps me live my best life to be clutter. Recently my husband and I got rid of our microwave for several reasons: (1) we rarely used it, (2) it was ugly and taking up valuable counter space, and (3) we'd rather not ingest radiated food (According to Carolyn Scott, microwaves transform the chemical makeup of foods on a cellular level. While the little waves are heating up, they mutate the food -and mutated food not only loses it texture and taste, it loses all its nutrients and causes us to ingest radiation).

L: counter before with microwave; R: counter after with wheatgrass

We used the newly freed up counter space to grow our own wheatgrass and install a juicer. Not only is it a much healthier thing to have in our home, I think it looks a lot better too! Now I just have to be consistent with growing the grass, making the juice, and drinking it everyday. Admittedly it's somewhat time consuming but wheatgrass is highly alkaline and the health benefits are absolutely worth it.