Paring Down: Laundry Products

A few of you emailed me asking about small space solutions for your laundry spaces. I myself have a small space.-so I hear ya! One tip is to pare down as much as possible the products you have. It's easy to go on product overload especially if an area is cluttered and you don't realize you already have a certain type of product and so go out and buy another one.Take a look at your current stash. Gather everything in one area and group like items. Look at how much space you have and consider giving away any multiples to allow room for everything to fit nicely. Don't pour them down the drain or throw them in the trash though! A lot of laundry products are toxic so please take them to your local household hazardous waste collection center if you don't want to give them away.If you decide to keep multiples, commit to using them. Place the items which are closest to being empty in the most accessible spot-like the front of a shelf. Multiples can go right behind, down below or up top. The goal is to pare it down to just a few products-preferably ones that multi-task and/or don't take up a lot of valuable space. When buying new products remember bigger isn't always better or more economical -be sure to check the price per load.

Here's a look at my picks:

oxicleanfree method-freeandclear.ashx

OxiClean Free -non-chlorine solution for removing stains and whitening {great for white linens!} Method Laundry Detergent- plant based, non-toxic, biodegradable, and comes in a compact bottle The Laundress Delicate Wash -another non-toxic, biodegradable product -this one for delicate items Dryer Balls Although they're a reusable alternative to dryer sheets, I've come to discover {and been turned off by the fact} that dryer balls are made of PVC {Polyvinyl chloride = toxic plastic}. A better alternative? Wool dryer balls or vinegar. Vinegar - to soften fabric, reduce static and prevent wrinkles

Do you have a favorite laundry product?