designer spotlight

House of Honey

Currently swooning over the design projects over at House and Honey. I love the way designer Tamara Kaye-Honey uses updated classics to create elegant yet very livable interiors. My favorites from her:

Picture 1Picture 32
Picture 3 Picture 35
Picture 28
Picture 40Picture 30Picture 36 Picture 34
Picture 33 Picture 39
Picture 2
Picture 29
photos via house of honey

Did you notice the marble countertop in the kitchen that runs down the sides of the island? That's definitely going in my dream home inspiration file! What about you, any favorites?

P.S. She also has a decor shop in South Pasadena. I hear it's filled with a beautiful selection of wallpaper and fabrics, whimsical and playful accessories, and unique pieces of furniture. I must visit!

Design Star

This weekend I'll be tuning in to HGTV to watch the finale of Design Star. I've been pretty disappointed with this season (serious lack of wow moments, annoying contestants like Nina, and what was with all those weird group challenges??) but regardless, have tuned in (well, background watched) to watch the contestant Emily Henderson. I had previously seen Emily's portfolio and loved her aesthetic (her designs would surely grace the pages of Domino if it were still around).
photos from Emily's portfolio
This past episode was the first time she really had a chance to show her talents and she didn't disappoint. I love the fabric she used for the focal wall (which by the way my friend Bryn has 2 yards available of in her shop), the fabulous green sofa, and the overall eclectic, personal and intimate feel she created.
photos via HGTV
Emily's show concept is to take a client's personal fashion style and transfer it into his or her home. Sounds like something I'd definitely watch! I'm rooting for her!